Does this sound like you ?

  • You are feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and scared
  • You are isolating yourself from family and friends
  • You are keeping your struggles a secret
  • You feel no one understands what you are going through
  • You are withdrawing from social media and from seeing friends
  • You are fed up with all the advice you are getting
  • You get upset with the insensitive comments 
  • You are thinking about getting pregnant all the time and driving yourself crazy
  • You are wanting to do everything you can, to physically help your body
  • You are struggling to cope on a day-to-day basis
  • You are not looking after your emotional well-being
  • You believe you may never have a baby

Is this what you are doing?

  • You have used Google so much; it now knows what to search for automatically
  • You grab on to every bit of advice you read
  • You’ve read every book, blog, post and joined various Facebook groups
  • You’ve started to eat a healthier diet and are taking some health supplements
  • You notice every pregnant woman passing you in the street and think ‘Why can’t that be me?’
  • You pretend to be fine on the outside, carry on as though there is nothing worrying you, but you are crumbling on the inside
  • You know that others know you’re struggling to fall pregnant, but no one talks about it, as it’s such a sensitive and private issue
  • You try and put on a happy face when you’re around your friends and when they announce they’re pregnant, but really, you’re filled with jealousy and hurt
  • Some days, you lose sight of who you really are and you feel like you’ve turned into an obsessed, mad woman

I know exactly what you’re experiencing as I’ve been there too. This was me!

Although I know every experience is different, I know how difficult it can be for you and your partner. Find out how I can help you.

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